A true reflection of a company can be found in its employees. A corporate culture is part of a company’s brand and in the case of Lincoln Crowne and Company, one can see that the firm is only as good as it performs in challenging environments and they have shown that this is where they shine the most. Because they primarily only engage with individuals that have bulge bracket experience and combine that with outstanding academic qualifications, they have to be a company that is ready to handle anything.

Lincoln Crowne and Company handles their recruiting in a very unique way in that they only recruit individuals that they believe can bring about success in stressful and complicated circumstances, as often times this is the case with financial mergers and acquisitions. Deadlines and pressure are regularly part of the business day. Therefore, they only add individuals to their team that thrive in such environments. Over a number of years, they have narrowed down some common themes within their new hires such as always being interested in the relationship and experience that comes from working within small teams for the betterment of the client’s outcomes.

By hiring the right people from the start, instead of the way that traditional firms often hire large quantities of individuals, but then are shortly there after firing more than half because they were not a good fit, they are able to successfully do the type of work that is being done at Lincoln Crowne and Company.